New Tandem Bottom Clamp
The new Movax Tandem Bottom Clamp (TBC) together with modular tube arms and tube pile clamps offers superior handling and driving capabilities for tubular steel piles up to OD 1200 mm (471/4 inches).
First pre-auger into Australia
PRM have installed and commissioned the first Movax PA-50 into Australia at Dundrum Civil. Movax pre-augers are excavator-mounted auger drive attachments for pre-augering and are utilised to support MOVAX side grip pile drivers or piling hammers in difficult soil conditions.
Rig and Crane Mounted Piling Hammers
In addition to the direct excavator-mounted and MOVAX piling leader-mounted models, the MOVAX hydraulic, impact-type, double acting DH-piling hammers are now also available as third-party piling rig and crane mounted.
SG Pile Drivers just installed
PRM have recently installed and commissioned the following Movax SG Model Pile Drivers:
SG-45 NZ SG-60V NZ
SG-45 NZ
With more Movax orders pending it will be another busy month ahead for PRM.
Movax Control System
The MOVAX Control System (MCS™) links the excavator with MOVAX’s pile drivers, piling hammers and piling drills – and leader masts.
Multi-tool piling leaders
The MOVAX multi-tool piling leader adds a further dimension to the MOVAX way-of-piling. The excavator mounted MOVAX multi-tool piling leader provides a versatile solution for a wide range of piling requirements in a variety of site and soil conditions, and for different types of piles and piling technologies.
Movax mPiling Management
mLogbook, which is the first of the mPiling Management data suite tools, is a documentation and reporting tool which provides essential data related to the piling process.

The piling information collected by the MOVAX Control System is stored in the MOVAX Control System’s excavator module.

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